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Introduction of single row cylindrical roller bearings


Features and advantages:
Low friction (roller end face/rib contact area)
The open rib design (Figure 2), as well as the roller end design and surface finish, promote lubricating oil film, thereby reducing friction and bringing a higher basic load rating.
long lasting
The roller logarithmic curve profile reduces the edge stress at the roller/raceway contact (Figure 3) and the sensitivity to misalignment and shaft deflection.
Improve operational reliability
The surface treatment of the contact surface between the roller and the raceway is conducive to the formation of a hydrodynamic lubricating oil film.
Separable and interchangeable
The separate components of SKF cylindrical roller bearings are interchangeable (figure 4). This is convenient for installation, disassembly, maintenance and inspection.
High speed capability

The cage design is suitable for high speed, rapid acceleration and the highest load.

Looking to downsize but maintain performance? 

SKF Explorer cylindrical roller bearings now including NU and NJ 10 series 

In good company – NU and NJ 10 series joins the SKF Explorer cylindrical roller bearings range

The SKF Explorer cylindrical roller bearings range now includes the NU and NJ 10 series – designed and tested to provide reliability and increased service life even in the most demanding applications. 

Special heat treatment A unique heat treatment process is applied to all SKF Explorer bearings. This improves the microstructure of the steel and makes the bearings more durable and resistant to contamination. Improved surface topography The surface finishes of SKF Explorer cylindrical roller bearings are designed to extend the service life by reducing friction, which helps reduce heat generated in the bearing and improves wear resistance. Reduced flange friction SKF Explorer NJ series cylindrical roller bearings reduce flange friction which can accommodate heavier axial loads, reduce frictional moment, and reduce the risk of roller-flange smearing. Superior by every measure Compared to standard bearings in demanding applications, SKF Explorer cylindrical roller bearings rise above the rest. Benefits include: • Longer service life • Reduced friction • Extended maintenance intervals • Improved wear resistance • Decreased energy consumption • Lower cost of ownership • Increased productivity

With the NU and NJ 10 series in SKF Explorer performance class, you can expect to see a noticeable difference in operation temperature, improved service life, reduced noise, better speed performance, less lubrication needs and possibilities for downsizing.