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Tips for correct installation and removal of bearings


The mechanical equipment can proceed smoothly in the processing process, which is indispensable for the assistance of the bearings. The mechanical failure during normal operation is likely to be caused by the bearing failure. Therefore, it is very important to learn how to store and install and remove the bearings. Today The editor is here to tell you about the skills of installing and disassembling bearings.

1. Bearing installation skills
1. When installing, do not knock to install under any circumstances. The force exerted on the bearing must not be transmitted from one bearing ring to another through the rolling elements, otherwise the raceway may be damaged. We can choose mechanical, heating or hydraulic methods according to the type and size.
2. When installing the eccentric sleeve, first place the eccentric sleeve on the eccentric step of the bearing inner sleeve, and tighten it by hand in the direction of rotation of the shaft, and then insert or hold the small iron rod into the counterbore on the eccentric sleeve, and use a hammer Knock the small iron rod in the direction of rotation of the shaft to make the eccentric sleeve installed firmly, and lock the hexagon socket screw on the eccentric sleeve.
3. Do not tighten the bolts for fixing the bearing seat first, and allow the bearing housing to rotate in the bearing seat, and then tighten the bearing seat bolts. Install the bearing and seat on the other end of the same shaft in the same way, rotate the shaft a few times, and let the bearing itself automatically find its position.
4. Before installing the bearing on the shaft, polish the surface of the journal smoothly, and apply oil to the journal to prevent rust and lubricate (allow the bearing to rotate slightly on the shaft), and remove the fixing pin of the bearing housing.
5. Apply lubricating oil on the mating surface of the bearing seat and the bearing, and put the bearing into the bearing seat. Then put the assembled bearing on the shaft together with the bearing seat and push it to the desired position for installation.
6. In order to prevent friction and corrosion between mating surfaces. For bearing rings with clearance fit, it is recommended to apply a thin layer of anti-creeping corrosion agent on the mating surface.
Second, bearing removal skills
1. Loosen the locking screw on the eccentric sleeve of the bearing with an Allen key, then insert a small iron rod into the counterbore on the eccentric sleeve of the top cover, and loosen the eccentric sleeve against the rotation direction of the shaft.
2. After loosening the bolts that fix the bearing seat, remove the imported bearing together with the bearing seat from the shaft. It should be noted that before disassembling the bearing seat at one end of the shaft, the bearing seat bolt at the other end of the shaft should be loosened to prevent the bearings at both ends from being damaged by each other.
Many people do not pay attention to the details or improper methods in the process, which will lead to the performance of the bearing. I will introduce the skills of bearing installation and disassembly to you. Through the reading and understanding of this article, I hope to help you.