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What are the precautions for installation and disassembly of NSK imported bearin


What are the precautions for NSK imported bearings?
What should NSK imported bearings pay attention to?
NSK bearings are high-precision bearing parts and should be handled with care during use. Even high-quality NSK bearings, if they are not properly installed and used, will not achieve the desired effect. So what should we pay attention to when using NSK bearings. Here are:
1. Even if the NSK bearing and its surrounding environment are kept clean, even if the dust is invisible to the naked eye, it may have an adverse effect on the bearing. Therefore, keep the surrounding clean and prevent dust from entering the bearing.
2. Use with care. A strong impact on the bearing during use will cause damage or indentation and cause accidents. In severe cases, it will cause cracks and ruptures.
Attention should be paid to the use of NSK imported bearings:
Selection and control of journals and NSK bearings.
After the NSK bearing is pressed into the NSK bearing, it should rotate flexibly without a sense of blocking. If the rotation is obviously not flexible, it means that the size of the shaft is too large and the tolerance should be adjusted. For example, after the NSK bearing is pressed into the shaft, there is an obvious "sandy feeling" when it is turned by hand, it may be that the wheelbase is too large or the roundness of the shaft is not good. Therefore, when controlling the room temperature deviation of the shaft and the NSK bearing bush, the roundness must be controlled. At present, many domestic manufacturers only control the tolerance, not the roundness.
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NSK bearing assembly method: As NSK bearings are high-precision products, such as NSK bearing raceways are easily damaged, resulting in damage to NSK bearings. When assembling, NSK bearings must have special molds, which can not be knocked at will. When the shaft head is pressed in, only a small circle can be stressed, and a large circle can only be used under the pressure of a large circle. A gas-liquid or liquid-phase combination is required. Touch up and down during press-fitting. If it is tilted, it will cause damage to the NSK bearing channel and cause noise to the NSK bearing channel.
Prevent assembly of foreign matter: When the rotor is installed in the dynamic balance of the NSK bearing, it is easy to send the iron filings generated by the dynamic balance into the NSK bearing, so the dynamic balance is performed before the NSK bearing. For the convenience of assembly, some manufacturers apply some oil or oil to the inside of the NSK bearing during assembly, which can play a lubricating effect, but it is often difficult for the operator to control the amount. If a lot of oil or grease accumulates in the NSK bearing chamber, When the NSK bearing rotates, it is easy to enter the inside of the NSK bearing along the shaft. The NSK bearing room should not be oiled or oily as far as possible. If it is not possible to paint, it is necessary to control the NSK bearing room to not accumulate.
Anti-rust: The characteristic of rust is that the motor is mostly in the sealed motor. The sound of the motor is very good during assembly, but after being placed in the warehouse for a period of time, the abnormal noise of the motor becomes very loud, and the disassembly of the NSK bearing will cause serious corrosion. In the past, many manufacturers would think that there is a problem with NSK bearings. After our continuous publicity, now the motor factory has realized that it is mainly the problem of insulating paint. The main reason is that the acidic substance volatilized by the insulating paint forms corrosive substances under a certain temperature and humidity, which corrodes the NSK bearing channel and causes the NSK bearing to be damaged. At present, only good insulating paint can be selected and assembled after being ventilated and dried for a period of time.
The life of NSK bearings is closely related to manufacturing, assembly, and use. Every link must be done well to ensure that the NSK bearings are in good operating conditions, thereby prolonging the life of the NSK bearings.

Installation and disassembly of imported bearings

1. Use environment: Choose specifications and accuracy according to the use parts, use conditions and environmental conditions, and use with the corresponding imported bearings is the prerequisite for the life and reliability of imported bearings.
1. Part of use: Imported tapered roller bearings are suitable for bearing combined radial and axial loads, mainly bearing combined radial and axial loads, generally paired with two sets of imported bearings, mainly used for front and rear wheel hubs, active bevel gears, and differentials Transmission parts such as gearboxes and reducers.
2. Allowable speed: 0.3-0.5 times the limit speed of the imported bearing under the condition of correct installation and good lubrication. Under normal circumstances, the limit speed should be 0.2 times.
Allowable angle of inclination: Imported tapered roller bearings generally do not allow the shaft to incline to the housing hole. If there is an inclination, try not to exceed 2°.
4. Allowable temperature: Under normal load, there is a lubricant with high temperature resistance, and under the condition of sufficient lubrication, generally imported bearings are allowed to work at an ambient temperature of -30℃-150℃.

2. Install imported bearings:
The installation of imported bearings must be carried out in a dry and clean environment. Before installation, check the mating surfaces, shoulders, grooves and joint surfaces of the shaft and the housing. All mating joint surfaces must be carefully cleaned to remove burrs, and unformed sand particles on the surface of the casting must be removed.
Before installation, clean it with gasoline or kerosene and use it after drying to ensure good lubrication. Usually imported bearings are lubricated with grease or grease. For grease lubrication, use grease with excellent performance, such as no impurities, anti-oxidation, anti-rust, and extreme pressure. The amount of grease filled is 30%-60% of the imported bearings and imported bearing housings, and should not be excessive. The double-row tapered roller imported bearing is connected to the pump shaft with grease, which can be used directly by the user and cannot be cleaned.
When installing imported bearings, equal pressure must be applied to the circumference of the end face of the ferrule to allow the ferrule to enter it. Imported bearings shall not directly impact the imported bearings with tools such as boring heads to avoid damage to the imported bearings. For a small amount of interference, the end face of the inlet bearing ring can be compressed with a sleeve at room temperature, so that the sleeve is hit with a hammer and pressed into the sleeve evenly. If the installation volume is large, a hydraulic press can be used. When pressurizing, be sure to ensure that the end face of the outer ring and the shoulder end face of the housing, and the end face of the inner ring and the shoulder end face are tightly pressed, and no gap is allowed.